New-Arena: Print #1 @ TIX [SOLD OUT]

Also included at TIX on the Square​ is my limited print of the new arena...X/25...$30. Is there a better gift for the hockey fan? I THINK NOT...especially if they have an ALTER dedicated to the Edmonton Oilers​ (i.e., it is not uncommon for many true, blue & copper-bleeding Oilers fans to dedicate a section of their home for proudly displaying various Oilers memorabilia such as autographs, old jersey's, replica Stanley Cups, bobble-heads, pennants, etc.). Needless to say, alters are SERIOUS BUSINESS...and this is ALTER STUFF. Twelve prints left...Second print of the series is coming soon. Hit this one out of the park with a fan (of questionable saneness) who's close to your heart.

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